The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

On 14 October 1066, the troops of Harold II, King of the Anglo-Saxons, and William, Duke of Normandy, clashed a few kilometres from Hastings in East Sussex. At the end of the battle, Harold was killed, and William, known as the Conqueror, became King of England.

To commemorate this date, every year thousands of enthusiasts meet on the battlefield.


Hastings 2006 (Flickr)

During this year, on 25 September 1066, the warriors departed from York and marched on foot and travelled by horse to reach Hastings.

On Saturday, the 15th of October, the historic re-enactment took place, during which participants dressed as soldiers staged fights with swords, arrows and axes. Over the weekend various events were organised, including conferences on history and exhibitions on falconry and period weaponry.

For more information, visit the English Heritage site, follow the account @EnglishHeritage and the hashtag #Battle1066.

(Cover image: Bayeux Tapestry, Public Domain)


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