The Boat Race

As with every year, the university rowing teams of Oxford and Cambridge will compete on the waters of the Thames. In 2016, the date is set for Sunday, the 27th of March.

Each crew, consisting of 8 members, will have to travel a 4 mile and 374 yard, S-shaped stretch of the river. The two sides of the Thames are identified by the names of the stations, Middlesex and Surrey, corresponding to the north and south respectively.


The Championship Course along which, for the first time in the history of the event, the men’s, women’s and reserves’ races were conducted (Wikimedia Commons)

The Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race is one of the most famous rowing races in the world, watched on television by more than 15 million viewers.

The novelty of the 2016 edition is that the women’s regatta – The Newton Women’s Boat Race – will be held on the same day as the men’s for the first time in history.

Both races will be broadcast live by the BBC.


(Cover image: Wikimedia Commons)

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