Museum of the Year 2020: the UK’s largest art prize has been awarded

The Art Fund Museum of the Year is the largest award in the world dedicated to a museum. This year, in response to economic challenges, the total prize money was increased to £200,000 and shared among five museums or galleries.

Among the winners is the Gairloch, a small museum in a village in north-west Scotland. In 2019, the Gairloch Museum was moved to a new location, a nuclear bunker built after World War II as an air defence outpost. Its collection features local objects such as textiles, tools and furniture and an interactive gallery dedicated to the natural world and geology.

Click here to learn more about the Gairloch Museum on the Guardian newspaper website.

The other winners are the Science Museum in London, Towner Eastbourne art gallery, Aberdeen art gallery and the South London gallery.


(Images:, Wikimedia Commons)

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