An online display of pandemic objects

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is presenting the editorial project “Pandemic Objects“, a reflection on everyday objects that have taken on new meaning under the outbreak.

Toilet paper, for example, has become a coronavirus panic icon and a forehead thermometer is recognised as a symbol of social control.

In countries with a wheat-based diet, people have started baking bread at home. Flour and yeast are nowhere to be found. This tells us a lot both about our behavior during a crisis and about the meaning of bread as a cultural object.

Click here for more information on yeast and bread

Other symbols of the lockdown have been streaming services and home-made signs. From rainbows to shop signs, the V&A is building a collection of signs created in response to social isolation. Everyone is invited to take part in the collection by sending images via email or sharing them on social networks with the hashtag #homemadedesigns.


(Images: PikrepoVictoria & Albert Museum)

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