Reimagining Captain Cook

The exhibition, Reimagining Captain Cook is being held at the British Museum in London from 01/12/18 until 04/08/19, dedicated to the famous British explorer, who was killed in Hawaii on the 14th of February, 1779 and whose 240th birthday is celebrated today as well as the 250 years since his first voyage.

Cook was the first European to sail to the shores of Australia and New Zealand, passing by territories such as Hawaii, Tierra del Fuego and Easter Island. The exhibition dedicated to him also explores the point of view of the peoples of the Pacific, with the display of works by artists from those territories and objects collected during his travels.

The three voyages he made on behalf of the Royal Society led to the first mapping of previously unexplored territories of the Pacific, thanks to his ability as a cartographer.

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(Images: Wikimedia Commons; Wikimedia Commons)


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