The anniversary of the British Museum

In January 2016, we celebrate the 257th anniversary of the opening of the British Museum to the public. Located in London, the museum houses a permanent collection consisting of more than three and a half million objects from cultures around the world.


Façade of the British Museum (Wikimedia Commons)

Two of the main temporary exhibitions currently present are “Celts: Art and Identity” and “Egypt: faith after the pharaohs“. The first recounts 2,500 years of art and history through artefacts produced by the different ethnic groups grouped together under the name “Celts”. From Iron Age statues to the Celtic football jersey (Celtic F.C. is a Glaswegian football club), the items on exhibit show the influence of Celtic art on contemporary European culture.

The exhibition will run until the end of January. You can find out more by following @britishmuseum and #Celts on Twitter.

The museum and 4,634 of its items can now be explored at the new website created in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute. Here you can learn more about how Iron Age people lived in Britain.

(Images: Wikimedia Commons)

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