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Mayflower 400

A rich and inclusive programme tells the story of the Pilgrim Fathers' crossing from different angles
On the 16th of September 1620, the Mayflower, a small ship with 102 passengers, sailed from Plymouth, England, bound for the new continent. Onboard the boat were the Pilgrim Fathers, now considered to be the first settlers of North America. The year 2020 marks the 400th anniversary. An important commemoration is planned, which will last until July 2021. The rich programme of events tells the story of four countries (USA, Netherlands, UK and Wampanoag nations) and the experiences of the people involved. The event explores the themes of migration, humanity, and freedom through stories of persecution, loss and oppression.
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  To commemorate the lives of Mayflower passengers and Native Americans, a lot of content for schools is also available.
To consult the materials dedicated to schools, click here
  (Images: Wikimedia

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